Grit & GRANITE by Katherine Johnson

Grit & GRANITE, my first novel is now available in softcover or ebook formats just click on the following link:

This novel is a fictionalized account of a real life event that set my father and his partner against one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the United States.  This story tells of his fight against corporate greed and ambition to protect his client's legacy and fortune.  This battle also created collateral damage of despair, dissapointment, and disillusionment in his own family.  Was the struggle worth the risk of losing the most important treasure of all - his family?

About the Author: Katherine Johnson grew up in a small town in Minnesota before relocating to Central Florida in the early 1970's.  This is her first novel.  Currently she lives in suburban Washington D.C. and where she runs her own consulting firm, Johnson Consulting Group, which specializes in developing and evaluating energy efficiency programs and policies for electric and gas utilities in North America.  Ironically, her home-town sports team was nicknamed, "The Kilo Watts."