Grit & GRANITE by Katherine Johnson

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This novel is a fictionalized account of a real life event that set my father and his partner against one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the United States.  This story tells of his fight against corporate greed and ambition to protect his client's legacy and fortune.  This battle also created collateral damage of despair, dissapointment, and disillusionment in his own family.  Was the struggle worth the risk of losing the most important treasure of all - his family?

About the Author: Katherine Johnson grew up in a small town in Minnesota before relocating to Central Florida in the early 1970's.  This is her first novel.  Currently she lives in suburban Washington D.C. and where she runs her own consulting firm, Johnson Consulting Group, which specializes in developing and evaluating energy efficiency programs and policies for electric and gas utilities in North America.  Ironically, her home-town sports team was nicknamed, "The Kilo Watts."

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Its a Triumph!

And, you are a natural writer. Great pacing! Great / strong characters and story. I really enjoyed it. Very impressed!

Loved the ending comment about the Granite rocks!!! Nice touch to bring the story full circle. It was a special treat for me to read this story.

In any case. GREAT BOOK!  The Lee and Johnson families should be very proud of you for finishing it. Hope the folks back in Rock Valley can pick it up and appreciate it the way I did.

Grit and Granite is a David and Goliath story. A little Rock Valley lawyer, Colin Ford goes up against a Fortune 500 company located in the headquarter town of St. James. Through grit, determination and selfless devotion to his client, Colin Ford champions charity over greed.

DAO Winter Park, Florida

Amazon Review:  5 Stars Small-Town Lawyer Shines in Fast-Paced Legal Drama
January 27, 2019 in Kindle Format

Loved this book! In no time at all, I was racing to get to the end of it to find out what happens to Colin Ford. Ford is the whip-smart, small-town lawyer in Katherine Johnson's first novel. Ford longs for a big opportunity, and when it comes, he and his family get swept up in a maelstrom of corruption.

Grit and Granite is a story about greed and power. And grit which Colin Ford has in abundance. Ford has a brand new practice in idyllic Rock Valley, a small town in the Midwest in the 1960s. When opportunity knocks, Ford and his wife Ruth move from Rock Valley to the big city so Ford can work for the foundation of wealthy businessman Alex Hughes. After Hughes dies unexpectedly, his business partner, billionaire Robert McIntyre, maneuvers to take control of the foundation and the inheritance of Hughes' widow Rosie.

Johnson ably documents what happens when the young lawyer and his partner dare to put themselves between a captain of industry and the fortune he wants to control.

The stress on Colin Ford and his family builds slowly over the course of the book, and this is where Johnson adds suspense gradually and deliciously. A gifted storyteller, Johnson gets the pacing just right in this fast-moving legal drama. The book is filled with characters both lovable and vicious. What makes it all work is that the characters and the story (even the surprise ending) are so believable. 

Just finished it. Great read. 

You did a good job. Could see personalities of your Dad and Mom as we knew them in the way you developed their characters.

Although I knew the outcome, your plot development kept me turning pages. 

FA - Washington State

Finished the book last night.  So enjoyed the window into your past.  Lots of things I never knew like how deeply Marilyn loved Granite Falls.  Also intrigued with the legal process of course and as I have said before ... with I had known your father better.  Such an admirable good man!  Kudos to you Katherine on a job well done and a great read!!!