Spring Edition 2012
 Happy Spring!

It's been crunch time for the staff at Johnson Consulting Group, as we have been crunching the data and providing analyses on a variety of topics for our clients around the country. We have been preparing reports on market research and evaluation topics ranging from process evaluations of small commercial customers, to a review of program implementation strategies for on-bill financing programs in Oregon and Maine., we are also taking some time to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. and the Orange Blossoms in Winter Park, FL.   With the Spring Weather in full force, Katherine finished a 25-mile bike ride in Orlando to raise money for the American Diabetes Association, and will be training hard to complete longer rides later this summer and fall. 

In the meantime, we wish everyone a happy spring and here's a quick update on the Johnson Consulting Group activities.


Dr. Katherine Johnson, President
  AESP Round-Up of the Johnson Consulting Group staff, Katherine, Corine, and Diane, traveled to Sunny San Diego, CA for the 22nd Annual AESP Conference. In addition to attending the sessions and AESP Training Class, we also were able to celebrate with our client, Chris Griffin from Columbia Gas of Virginia. Kudos to Columbia Gas for winning both AESP's 2011 Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Communications Award plus the utility won a Marketing Award of Excellence from the Southern Gas Utility Association, 2012 Marketing Best Practices Award for Residential Marketing." and Chris also conducted the second in their series of interactive roundtables - Mid-Course Corrections: Making Adjustments Based on PY 1 Results. This session explored the ways in which the EM&V results from the first program year led to a complete retooling of the marketing approach and an increase in overall program participation by more than 900 percent!

 Katherine also presented the key findings from the AESP's Annual State of the Industry Report. This report, which differed from previous versions, featured the survey results from
AESP members regarding the current state of the energy efficiency and demand response industry. It also identified key areas for likely growth in these programs as well as highlighted the benefits of partnering with big-box retailers-an emerging strategy for energy service providers and program implementers. Please watch our website, for details.

Arkansas IEM Work Underway

Johnson Consulting Group hit the ground running at the beginning of 2012. We are the prime contractor serving as the Independent Evaluation Monitor (IEM) on behalf of the Arkansas Public Service Commission for the Parties Working Collaboratively.


Our IEM team is a deep bench of EM&V professionals including:

  • Dr. Jim Bradford, Mesa Point Energy
  • Mr. Scott Dimetrosky, Apex Analytics
  • Gregg Eisenberg, Eisenberg Energy
  • Ms. Afroz Khan, PE, Rouleau Consulting Group
  • Jeff Ihnen, Ryan Kroll, and Mike Frischmann, Michael's Energy
As the IEM, we will be providing technical guidance and oversight to the EM&V contractors working in Arkansas to document energy savings estimates and report key findings. We will also be working with the Parties Working Collaboratively, which includes Utilities, Stakeholders, Intervenors and Commission General Staff to help achieve the ambitious energy savings goals set forth by the Arkansas Public Service Commission. Our team is pleased and honored to receive this three-year assignment and we look forward to a successful and productive partnership.


On-Bill Financing Evaluations of Strategies and Approaches 


Katherine continues to build on her experience in on-bill financing programs as she is working with organizations from both coasts.   *  For Clean Energy Works Oregon, we are conducting the process evaluation of the statewide roll out of this innovative financing program. This program, which began as a pilot in 2010 called Clean Energy Works Portland, has now evolved into a comprehensive financing program offering customers both on-bill and off-bill financing options for energy efficiency improvements. Our work will include identifying reasons for customer drop-outs, identifying areas for program improvement, and assessing customer acceptance of various energy efficiency financing offerings. The final report will be completed in September 2012- so stay tuned!   *  For Efficiency Maine, we are a subcontractor to Opinion Dynamics Corporation (ODC) to provide expertise and guidance in assessing on-bill financing components for its PACE financing program. Our role is to assess the effectiveness of this program structure and will include in-depth interviews with lenders and implementation staff to document program flow.
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AESP Round-Up
Arkansas IEM Work Underway
On-Bill Financing Evaluations
Evaluation of Innovative Gas Programs
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Personal Note
Evaluation of Innovative Gas Programs

Johnson Consulting Group is also working on completing energy efficiency evaluations for two gas utilities. Both these utilities have developed innovative approaches to reaching residential customers.


The evaluation of Columbia Gas' WarmWise Program last year led to a complete restructuring of its marketing approach. The result a spectacular turnaround including a 900 percent increase in program applications and processing more than $1.2 million in rebates in 2012.


This year, the program evaluation focused on its Small Commercial Business Savings Program.   The outcome of these evaluation activities will be used to both the guide changes to the current program as well as inform the program design for Columbia Gas planned program portfolio for Phase 2.

We are also completing program evaluations for PSNC Energy, a natural gas utility in North Carolina. This utility has developed it own homegrown approach to an in-home audit program. This program had not only surpassed its participation goals, it has lead to both significant spillover and measure persistence- two key indicators of program success.


The program evaluation of the In-Home Audit Program and the Energy Efficient Equipment Rebate Program will document program participation rates and provide updates to program savings estimates.


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Where in the World
is Dr. KJ?

*  April 1-3  ACEEE/CEE Market Transformation Conference, , Washington, D.C.

*  April 9-14  AGA/EEI Session- Dallas- Innovative Low Income Strategies-

* May 15-17  AESP Spring Conference, Baltimore in

* June 12-14  IEPEC in Rome
Fun Stuff  

*  AESP- three quarters of Johnson Consulting Group staff were there!


*  NYC - taking in the great white way a series of Broadway shows with my sister and friends including Phantom of the Opera's 10,000th  

Performance, Lion King, and Anything  Goes. Broadway rocks!

On a very personal note: October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it is a year-round battle for too many women (and men). Please consider continuing to donate to this worthwhile cause year round -- because for too many the fight continues. (Link to American Cancer Society Breast Cancer donation webpage.)