Spring/Summer Edition
 Another Sizzling Summer Ahead! continues to be red-hot for Johnson Consulting Group.  We've completed a number of exciting projects in the past few months for clients ranging from the City of Springfield, Missouri to FortisBC in British Columbia.


While we will be busy working on a variety of EM&V projects coast-to-coast, we will be taking some time off to visit some of the most beautiful vacation spots in the US including Asheville, NC and Lake Tahoe, NV.  We hope every has a happy and healthy summer.  


   Dr. Katherine Johnson,  


Arkansas 2012 IEM Report Filed   

As the Independent Evaluation Monitor (IEM) for the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC), one of our primary responsibilities is to review the nine Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V) reports prepared for the following energy organizations:

  • Oklahoma Gas Corporation (AOG)
  • Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation/Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (AOG/OG&E Weatherization Program)
  • Arkansas Weatherization Program (AWP)
  • CenterPoint Energy Arkansas Gas (CenterPoint)
  • Empire District Electric Company (Empire)
  • Entergy Arkansas, Inc. (EAI)
  • Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OG&E)
  • SourceGas Arkansas (SourceGas)
  • American Electric Power- Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO)

The IEM, led by Katherine included input from other team members: Scott Dimetrosky, Apex Analytics, Dr. Jim Bradford, Mesa Point Energy, Gregg Eisenberg, Eisenberg Energy, Mike Frischmann, Michael's Energy, and Afroz Khan, Rouleau Consulting Group. The team worked very hard during the past two months to synthesize the key findings, develop a summary report, and provide additional recommendations on ways to improve and enhance EM&V activities across the state. Thanks to all the hard working team members, including Corine and Diane Mahon for the hours of editing and formatting to make the report "letter perfect." To read the report, or learn more about the scope of energy efficiency activities in Arkansas, please visit: link to docket for filing:
13-002-U Docket.

Energy Efficiency is Underway in Virginia Gas of Virginia is now moving into Phase 2 of Conservation and Ratemaking Efficiency (CARE) Plan for its next three-year plan (2013-2016). The emphasis of this next effort will be focus on increasing energy efficiency installations among small C&I customers throughout its territory. Katherine will be working the Columbia Gas team to help implement the recommendations from the last year's process evaluation including refining marketing and outreach strategies and increasing the overall contractor network.  

 Katherine and her team will also be developing the EM&V plans Washington Gas's recently approved suite of energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers in Northern Virginia. These activities include conducting a full suite of EM&V activities for its energy efficiency programs during the next three-year period including an audit of its behavioral program run by Opower.   
 Technical Reviewer in Texas

Katherine is also serving as the technical reviewer on the Tetra Tech team that will be conducting EM&V activities on behalf of the Public Utility Commission of Texas for the next two years. In this role, Katherine will be drawing on her experience with similar engagements in Arkansas and Missouri to review key EM&V documents including EM&V plans, TRM guidance documents, presentations, and reports for this multi-year project.    
Re-appointed to the Utility Advisory Board for the City of Winter Park

Mayor Ken Bradley of Winter Park re-appointed Katherine to another three-year term as the Utility Advisory Board for the City of Winter Park. During the past three years, Katherine has been involved in a variety of utility activities including reviewing water and sewer rate structures, power supply options, and monitoring the progress of the city's first energy efficiency program.

During the next few months, the City Utility will initiate a pilot project for low income seniors. Leveraging a grant from the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation, Katherine has been assisting the City in determining the scope of this pilot project that will provide free audits and weatherization upgrades to a selected number of low-income seniors.

Meet our new summer intern:
Ariel Blouin. 

also expanded our team to include our first intern, Ms. Ariel Blouin, a rising Junior majoring in
Entrepreneurship at Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI . Ariel lives in Quebec City, Quebec and will be helping Katherine in developing proposals as she learns more about the world of energy efficiency program evaluation. 
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Financing Update at IEPEC Conference in Chicago Katherine will be providing an update on innovative financing program strategies at the upcoming IEPEC conference. This paper, Coast-to-Coast: An Update on On-Bill Financing Program Strategies summarizes successful practices and lessons learned from financing programs from two separate process evaluations focusing on emerging strategies and "best practices." It draws on the findings from a literature review of successful practices for Efficiency Maine Trust's PowerSaver Program and a comprehensive process evaluation conducted for Clean Energy Works of Oregon. 

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Arkansas 2012 IEM Report Filed
Energy Efficiency is Underway in Virginia
Technical Reviewer in Texas.
Re-appointed to the Utility Advisory Board
Meet our new summer intern
Financing Update at IEPEC
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Where in the World is Dr. KJ?
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*  Emily's Relay for Life Raised $1,000 in

    honor of Carolyn! Thanks to all who
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*  Jasper is in Japan, check out his blog at   

*  It is a small world - after all!  Ms. Kana
    Murakoshi, daughter of our Japanese
    colleague, Dr. Chiharu Murakoshi from
    the Jyukankyo Research Institute
was our
    houseguest for a few days in May. Dr.
    Murakoshi visited the US
several years
    ago to visit with Katherine to learn more
    about innovative financing strategi The
    two met at the eceee
    conference in Southern
    France in 2007. Af

    visiting the D.C. area,
    she went on to visit     
    Carolyn in New York
    City. Later this month,
    Kana will be showing
    Carolyn and Jasper
    around Tokyo.


Where in the World  
is Dr. KJ?

*  June 18-19  NEEP Energy Efficiency Summit, Springfield, MA
*  July 9 and August 6
Utility Advisory Board Meeting, City of Winter Park Utilities, Winter Park, FL
* July 15-17th AESP Strategic Board Retreat, Lake Tahoe, NV
*  August 12-15   IEPEC Conference, Chicago, IL