Summer Edition 2012 to the Hot and
Hazy Days of  Summer!


As the country faces scorching temperatures, business continues to heat up for Johnson Consulting Group. We have been keeping busy with
various projects-and we also managed to find some time to relax, cool
off, and recharge.


Katherine and her family took a once-in-a-lifetime cruise which began in Athens and ended in Venice. The cruise stopped in four countries in 12 days including Greece, Israel, Croatia, and Italy. Unfortunately, the Egyptian portion of our cruise was cancelled due the political unrest so we headed back to the much safer Greek Isles. We ended up our family trip with a stop over in Rome-truly making for our own pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The Johnson 5 had an outstanding time. Benjamin, who begins seminary in the fall, was intrigued with the ruins of Ephesus and the holy sites of Patmos, Nazareth and Jerusalem. Emily, our art major, adored the Greek art of the Acropolis, the mosaics of Ravenna, and the treasures of the Vatican. Nicholas, our expert in classical Greek mythology and the crusades, loved Ephesus and traveling through Israel. Don and I appreciated this special family time together -- and the chance to meet up with my sister in Jerusalem. It may have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Johnsons, but we recall the joys of our time together every day.


                                          Dr. Katherine Johnson, President  

 IEPEC Conference Highlights

Katherine started her summer off with a trip to Rome to participate in the 2nd International Energy Program Evaluation Conference in mid-June. The conference location, just a few blocks from the Trevi Fountain, brought evaluators together from 22 countries across four continents. The highlights included plenary sessions featuring updates on evaluation activities in Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan. One of the most interesting sessions featured a presentation on Japan's approach to evaluate behavior change in wake of the recent electricity crisis, presented by Ken-Ichiro Nishio of the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry.  Please follow this link to learn more about his presentation titled "Behavior Change and Driving Forces to Save Electricity in the Electricity Crises in Japan". Other presentations focused on the development of EM&V protocols to better coordinate efforts in France, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Katherine presented a poster on the Process Evaluation Protocols she developed with Gregg Eisenberg, Eisenberg Energy, to ensure a consistent and robust approach for New York State.


While it was fun to meet up with colleagues from Navigant Consulting and Michael's Energy, it was also a wonderful opportunity to learn from the wider international evaluation community about strategies they are using to enhance evaluation activities worldwide.  

IEM Annual EM&V Report Filed  


Katherine and the other members of her team completed the first annual report summarizing the Evaluation, Monitoring, and Verification (EM&V) Findings for the Arkansas Public Service Commission. This report summarized the key findings and recommendations from the EM&V activities conducted for Program Year 2011 (PY2011). It also provided an overall assessment of the quality of the EM&V contractors' reports to ensure that these reports were conforming to the objectives set forth by the Commission. This report also summarized and prioritized the recommendations from the EM&V contractors on ways in which the seven Arkansas utilities and third-party administrators can continue to improve and enhance their program portfolio.


Many thanks to the hardworking members of the IEM including Scott Dimetrosky and Dr. Jim Bradford for their assistance in both preparing the report as well as presenting it to the Commission. Overall, we are very pleased with both the progress in which the Arkansas utilities and third-parties are making in energy efficiency. We appreciate all the hard work from the Parties Working Collaboratively, the Commission Staff, and the EM&V contractors for their diligence in working towards achieving these very ambitious goals.


In the next month, the IEM team, led by Jim Bradford and Michael's Energy will be working with Frontier Associates to prepare the Technical Reference Manual (TRM) Version 2.0. That update will be completed by the end of August. 

EM&V Takes Off in Virginia


Both Columbia Gas and Washington Gas filed their annual EM&V reports this summer, documenting the progress their energy efficiency programs have made throughout the state. For Columbia Gas, Katherine completed a process evaluation of Columbia Gas' Business Savings Program as well as analyzed the results from its residential and commercial baseline assessment surveys. levels for Columbia Gas' residential programs have increased substantially during 2011. The equipment rebate program processed 3,307 rebates, an increase of 312 percent from 2010, according to Columbia Gas' program database. The utility also paid $1.2 million in rebates to program participants, an increase of 332 percent from 2010 levels.  


Moreover, its Business Savings Program is gaining traction in the market place through an innovative promotion of pre-rinse spray valves. Columbia Gas has also developed marketing materials targeting commercial businesses by market sector. Both of these initiatives have led to increased interest and participation in the program, despite the current economic challenges.

The baseline surveys documented significant increases in program awareness among residential and commercial customers, due in large part to the continued marketing and outreach activities conducted by Columbia Gas. It's no wonder that Columbia Gas of Virginia continues to receive awards for its stellar performance during the first two years of program operations. Congratulations and keep up the great work!


Katherine also completed the second round of a more focused program evaluation for Washington Gas. This evaluation identified areas for program improvement and encouraged the utility to expand its current offerings to broaden its equipment rebates as well as develop a behavior-based customer education program. As part of the program evaluation, Katherine completed a literature review that highlighted both the challenges and "best practices" for developing effective programs for natural gas utilities. This evaluation was completed in record time-and we look forward to continue to help and encourage the energy efficiency community in Virginia. Good luck and best wishes for continued success!

Lessons Learned from Financing Programs White Paper  

Geothermal heat pumps are back in vogue, and Katherine  will be preparing a white paper on innovative financing strategies with her friend and colleague, Paul Bony, now with ClimateMaster. This white paper will summarize some of the innovative new strategies that both utilities and third-party administrators are using to promote premium efficient technologies including on-bill financing programs, PACE funding, and new loan offerings. Paul will draw on his experiences as utility program administrator and innovator while Katherine will pull the best practices and lessons learned from her work on evaluations for the Clean Energy Works Oregon, the Efficiency Maine's PACE Program, and her book: Heat Pumps - Leading Energy Utility Marketing Programs, Fifth Edition 2010. 


As utilities are looking for strategies to promote deeper savings and comprehensive energy solutions, we are gratified to see the resurgence of interest in this wonderful technology. We will continue to develop strategies to promote this technology and look to sharing our findings with our clients and colleagues later this fall.


Perhaps the best part about this project is that Katherine and Corine will be completing this work out of our Ouray, Colorado office. Be sure to ask for the discount "KJ" rate.    

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In addition to our cruise, the Johnson 5 also celebrated Nicholas' graduation from Linganore High School in New Market, Maryland. Nicholas graduated with Honors. also received an award as the "Best Character Actor-Male" for his roles in high school plays ranging from King Sextimus in "Once Upon a Mattress" to Scut Farkas in "The Christmas Story" and "Agent 44" in "Get Smart." Nicholas will be heading off to  Frederick Community College in the Fall and will major in History and Drama. We think he will make an outstanding and memorable history professor some day.   

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*  July 30-August 1  AESP Summer Conference, Presentation "Au Natural", Toronto, Canada

*  August 12-17   ACEEE Summer Study, Monterrey, CA

*  August 21-22  NRECA Training, Columbia, SC

September 5  Utility Advisory Board Meeting, City of Winter Park Utilities, Winter Park, FL

*  October 15-17  AESP Fall Conference, Long Beach, CA