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Summer Edition
Summer's here ... 
"Summer afternoon-summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." (Henry James) 
Indeed, summer has finally arrived-after a long, blustery winter and a very wet spring. At Johnson Consulting Group, we are finishing up a few long-term projects and are looking forward to taking a short break in the next few weeks. My plans including getting my sailboat ready for its first outing this weekend on the Chesapeake Bay and preparing for a new puppy to arrive in August.
        Best regards,
 Dr. Katherine Johnson, President
NSPM - Arkansas is First in the Nation
The National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM) has gained widespread recognition as a new framework to view cost-effectiveness assessments for energy efficiency programs.On November 2, 2017, the Arkansas Public Service Commission directed the Parties Working Collaboratively (PWC) to consider the findings and recommendations of the NSPM framework.
To address these issues, the PWC formed an NSPM Working Group and collaborated with E4TheFuture to develop a Case Study regarding the NSPM in Arkansas.The overall goal of this case study was to document Arkansas' progress in adhering to the six NSPM underlying principles. Specifically, this case study:
  * Summarizes the status of six of the seven Arkansas Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) 3 regarding incorporating the NSPM principles into their current energy efficiency policies and programs' cost-effectiveness analysis; and 
  *  Identifies specific areas in which additional review, discussion, and consideration may be needed to fully meet these underlying principles. 
A copy of this case study is available at the following link:  NSPM AR Case Study.

"Based on the Case Study submitted by Staff, and the testimony, exhibits, and
recommendations of Dr. Johnson and Mr. Booth, the Commission accepted the NSPM Case Study and supporting appendices and rules" and directed the PWC to work to integrate these findings into revisions in the annual reporting workbooks and cost-effectiveness calculations for six of the seven Arkansas IOUs. This is the first Commission order (Commission Order Regarding NSPM) that directed utilities to consider the NSPM framework in cost-effectiveness analysis. Congratulations to Arkansas for leading the way!
Colorado Gas Utilities Continue to Shine   
Working with Apex Analytics and Ward Research, we just completed two program evaluations of the energy efficiency gas programs offered by Atmos Energy and CNG, both based in Colorado.  These utilities continue to build on their previous successful statewide collaboration and deliver cost-effective and engaging energy efficiency programs to both residential and commercial customers living in rural areas outside of Denver. Both evaluations revealed that the programs are making progress in encouraging customers to participate in home energy audits, serve low-income communities, and provide ongoing to support to C&I customers through innovative program approaches and strong staff support. Keep up the good work!                           
Thoughts and Prayers with Flooding Victims  

We have all be glued to the news watching the terrible flooding in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and neighboring states. Our colleagues from AOG sent along the following pictures illustrating the devastating damage that has occurred in their service territory and surrounding region.
For updates, check out the following video link: Flood updates in Arkansas 
Will you consider joining me in making a one-time donation to the American Red Cross to help with disaster and clean up efforts? If so, click here  Donate to Red Cross and thanks!
More Evaluation Projects in the Works
We have also been working on several other program evaluations in the Washington D.C. Area. Johnson Consulting Group continues to lead the process evaluations for the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)'s Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP). Working as a subcontractor to The Cadmus Group, Katherine has just finished up the process evaluation of LIEEP for the PY2018 program year (EmPOWER MD LIEEP).
This program continues to grow and expand its services to low-income customers throughout Maryland. LIEEP is funded by the five EmPOWER electric utilities and will be adding new services in an upcoming pilot later in this year.
Fun Stuff In This Issue  
My first novel is also making the rounds. In March 2019, the book traveled to the London Book Fair and was also featured at the New York City's Book Fair- the largest book fair in the USA. Check out my reviews on Amazon   Link to Amazon ebook and reviews or or on my website: Grit & Granite.
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Pick up a copy, enjoy the book and send me a review! 
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* August 6: PWC Meeting, Little Rock, AR
* August 20-22: IEPEC, Denver, CO

* August 23-25: Writer's Digest Annual Conference, New York City, NY

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