Winter Edition
 A Flurry of Activity!


It is not just snow that has been swirling around the Johnson Consulting Group's offices these days, (though there has been unprecedented amounts in Maryland, Oregon and Massachusetts), but lots of new activities that's got us up and running since the first of the year.


Katherine has been on the road practically non-stop traveling to conferences and client meetings coast-to-coast, while Corine and Diane have been making sure all the projects stay on track back home in Oregon. Meanwhile Benjamin is on a five-month study tour in Israel - enjoying every minute of his time visiting this special place.


While we know there is lots to be done in the next few months, we wish everyone a happy and (hopefully) early Spring. 

Dr. Katherine Johnson, 
Slicing Up the PIES Data We also just completed our second round of program evaluations for the three Colorado natural gas utilities, collectively know as Partners in Energy Savings (PIES).  With assistance from Apex Analytics and Mesa Point Energy, we completed in-depth process and impact evaluations of the utilities' residential, commercial, and low-income programs.  Under this collaborative approach, the PIES utilities offered the following programs during 2011-2013, marketed under the common brand, Excess is Out:

  • Home Energy Evaluation Program with Direct Installation of Energy Savings Measures (Energy Audit Program)
  • Reduce and Rebate Program (Equipment Rebate Program)
  • Income Qualified Program
  • Custom Energy-Efficiency Program (SourceGas only)

The program evaluations revealed that overall the programs are operating smoothly, savings estimates were higher than anticipated, and the utilities have made tremendous improvements in communicating the theme "Excess is Out" to customers throughout Colorado.

IEM's Expanded Role in Arkansas -- to Weatherization    

Johnson Consulting Group was selected by the Parties Working Collaboratively (PWC) in Arkansas to serve as the facilitator for a new Weatherization Collaborative, as directed by the Arkansas Public Service Commission. Commission Order No. 7 described a number of tasks that the PWC through its Weatherization Collaborative must address:

  • funding between electric and gas utilities for whole
    house energy assessment and energy efficiency services
  • Comprehensive technical standard following best practices
  • Offer financing mechanism/s that encourage installation of
    multiple cost-effective measures
  • Eliminate duplication of programs
  • Active participation in the reorganization of WAP to Effectively
    market joint-utility weatherization services (pp. 81-82,
    Commission Order No. 7).

As the facilitator, Katherine is working with team members from Apex Analytics, Michaels Energy, Mesa Point Energy, and Midwest Energy, to summarize current weatherization program activities in Arkansas, conduct a gap analysis, and work towards developing a new framework for Arkansas's weatherization programs.


On March 6, Katherine facilitated the Weatherization Technical Conference which included presentations from program implementers, contractors, and utilities on the ways in which Arkansas can develop a plan to meet the Commission's requirements by October, 2014.

 Idaho's Innovative Weatherization Approaches
 Katherine just completed two process evaluations of Idaho Power's weatherization program offerings for its low and moderate income customers. Idaho Power's Weatherization Assistance for Qualified Customers (WAQC) Pro  gram has been offering assistance to low-income customers for 24 years. Participating Community Action Partnership (CAP) agencies in Idaho and Oregon install a variety of cost-effective energy efficiency measures in qualified, electrically heated homes.

For customers who do not qualify for the WAQC, Idaho Power offers the Weatherization Solutions for Eligible Customers Program (Weatherization Solutions Program). This program provides a chance to participate for residential customers who are financially unable to participate in cost sharing involved with other residential energy efficiency programs. This program is designed to serve customers who are just slightly over income qualifications for WAQC but are living in similar housing stock where energy savings are greatly needed. The Weatherization Solutions Program is implemented by four private contracting firms who specialize in weatherization services.


Gregg Eisenberg from Eisenberg Energy completed a majority of the interviews with both the CAP agencies and weatherization contractors who implement both of these programs. process evaluations gathered data from a variety of sources, including reviews of program materials, the program database, and in-depth interviews with key staff and stake-holders from May through August 2013. Katherine shared the key findings and recommendations to the Energy Efficiency Advisory Group in February at Idaho Power's offices in Boise. 
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AESP Brown Bag: Zero to 60 - How EM&V Ramp-up Has Impacted Energy Efficiency Efforts in Arkansas.    


Columbia Gas's Presentation at AESP: Katherine and Carla Haga of Columbia Gas of Virginia shared the insights from the natural gas utilities innovative approach to reaching small commercial customers. This presentation, Nuts to You! Strategies for Cracking the Small Business Market, highlighted the innovative free pre-rinse spray valve promotion which proved to be an effective way to get a "foot in the door" to its small commercial customers in hard-to-reach segments such as laundromats, lodging, restaurants, houses of worship, and educational institutions.   


House of Horrors:   

And for something completely different-the House of Horrors presentation at AESP. Inspired by our fearless leader, Steven Bicknell from D&R International (aka Vlad from Transylvania), a wide range of presenters shared anonymous horror stories about real life disasters in program design, implementation, and execution. Katherine (aka Dr. Johnson-Stein) shared the story of a commercial program doomed to low participation while other presenters shared scary tales of residential programs gone awry.
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Show Me the Savings:
EM&V Review in Missouri


As the EM&V Advisor for the Missouri
Public Service, Johnson Consulting Group will be leading the review of the most recently completed program evaluation reports for Ameren's portfolio of energy efficiency programs.


With assistance from Apex Analytics, Mesa Point Energy, Eisenberg Energy, and GSM Development, our team will review the EM&V draft reports to ensure they comply with the MEEIA Requirements and conform to industry best practices. As part of our review, we will also summarize the key findings and recommendations from these reports and provide a summary report by early April 2014.

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Slicing Up the PIES Data
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Where in the World  
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Mar. 20 EnergySavvy Webinar
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