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Winter Edition
New Year, New Clients
and New Adventures  ...
As we enter a new year, we're excited about the prospects that await us in 2020. In December, we completed two new projects exploring the opportunities of community solar projects in Montana and the market barriers to an emerging gas technology.
We are honored to still continue as the Independent Evaluation Monitor for the Arkansas Public Service Commission, and are intrigued to see how this state continues to meet new challenges such as beneficial electrification and net metering. Click here for the Arkansas Advanced Energy Office Look Back in 2019 Report. Please click here.  
We also look forward to continuing our ongoing evaluation work with several clients, with a special focus on quantifying emerging non-energy benefits. It's going to be a busy year!
One of the special highlights was the launch of my first novel, Grit & Granite in early 2019. It has been quite the journey as I continue to develop as novelist. Surprisingly, the book even garnered some national attention, placing as a "finalist" in the Killer Nashville contest, ranked one of the best 100 new Indie launches 2019, and promoted in a variety of book fairs in the US and Europe. Incorporating the lessons from the past year, I will re-launch the book in 2020 with a new cover, a revamped story and much better marketing. So look for it at a book store and a website listing near you!
We also have a few new adventures in store in 2020 including some fun trips to Australia and New Zealand and upcoming conference presentations throughout the US, capped off with a trip to London in June.
Johnson Consulting Group's motto for the new year is a riff off a familiar Timbuk 3 song, "The future's so bright, we have to wear shades."
We send our best wishes to everyone for a happy and prosperous 2020.
Best regards,

Dr. Katherine Johnson, President
Arkansas continues to lead the
Southeast into a new decade.
For the year-end recap of Arkansas' accomplishments, click here.
Community Solar Projects on the Horizon in Montana    
Johnson  Consulting Group, and its partner, Ward Research, developed and fielded two customer surveys in early November 2019. The focus of this research initiative was to determine customer's attitudes and preferences regarding three key elements of community solar projects: interests, motivations and preferences. Two key findings were:

*Community solar projects could be located within the state of Montana; and
*Community solar projects would be favorably received among both commercial and residential customers.  
The Evolution of Low-Income Programs   
The Maryland Department of Housing Development is pilot testing a new follow-on approach to low-income programs. As a subcontractor to Cadmus Group, Johnson Consulting Group is heading up the process evaluation activities the Maryland Energy Efficiency Tune-Up Program (MEET) for its pilot year. We will be completing our pilot evaluation in the first-quarter 2020 which will provide actionable recommendations to improve program deployment in Year Two.
Assessment of low-income program structures across the US.
As part of the PWC's Working Group analysis of low-income programs, we are completing an analysis of current program structures and administrative polices for successful low-income program designs. This analysis, which will be completed in early January 2020, will help guide the development of portfolio wide low-income programs for the next three-year program cycle. 
Where in the World is Dr. KJ? 
Energy Expertise at the Ready
Katherine has been invited to join Energy Central as an expert in energy efficiency programs. She will be providing feedback and insights into emerging trends as the energy efficiency program continues to evolve. Please check out her introductory interview with Matt Chester.    
* January 20-February 7: Family Reunion Cruise in Australia and New Zealand, Celebrity Solstice Celebrity Cruise New Zealand

* February 17-20: AESP 39th Conference; moderating a session: "Keeping up with the Jetsons: The Evolution and the Evaluation of the Connected Home."
* February 24-26: ACEEE Rural Energy Conference/MEEA Conference, Chicago, "Show Me the Muni!- Municipal Financing Programs for Rural Customers", ACEEE 2020 Rural Energy Conference
Fun Stuff 
Barley Hops is seven months old --
still full of puppy mischief and magic. 
KJ's condo is available for rent in Ouray, CO --
check out the link and ask for the discounted KJ Rate.
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Arkansas continues to lead
Community Solar Projects on the Horizon
Evolution of Low-Income Programs
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